A Board Member of Humanist Association of Finland Writes on Finnish Success Stories in His Book on Career Success

A board member of Humanist Association of Finland, a Bangladeshi-born Finnish writer, has drawn on Finnish educational and other success stories in his book on career success published from the United Kingdom this week. Mojibur Doftori, who holds a PhD from Helsinki University, has published his book, Massive Career Success: How to Create the Life of Your Dreams! An expert on international education draws on lessons from around the world to inspire people to phenomenal career success. Lessons from world-famous Finnish school system including that of craft education, Nordic popular education, Gandhian nonviolent change and peak performers of various professional fields are drawn among others. Doftori said: “I am a proud citizen of Finland. I have lived and worked here for over two decades and learned about the best of Finland. I’m so proud to be able to share those with the rest of the world.” https://www.amazon.com/MASSIVE-CAREER-SUCCESS-Create-Dre…/…/